Have a Brand New Home Built in 60-90 Days

Its true! Did you know that if you went and purchased an existing home it would take 30 to 60 days for your loan to "close" and for you to get your keys? That seems crazy when you can order a brand new home from Monogram, with all your color selections and a 10 year warranty, and only have to wait an additional couple of weeks. Of course, you can stretch that timeline out a little longer if you really want to also. Its entirely up to you. However, with todays advanced construction techniques, a properly run schedule and jobsite, and by keeping banks out of the construction process, there is absolutely no good reason why a house needs to take 4-6 months to build anymore. Monogram can help you through every step of the way and help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the home building process. We can even help you get financing. And the best part of all is our affordable new homes are selling for the same or less than comparable used homes! So what are you waiting for? You are only a couple months away from living in your very own brand new home..