10 Year Home Warranty Included

All the new homes Monogram builds in the TriCities come with a fantastic warranty. First you have a one year, new construction "bumper to bumper" warranty that covers everything in your new house, from drywall cracks to dripping faucets, for the entire first year. While it will not cover homeowner maintenance items like caulking a backsplash or changing furnace filters, or defending a home from bugs or critters, it does cover any defects in building material and/or workmanship.

After your first year is up, the builder provides what is called a 2-10 warranty. This will cover your new investment from the second to the tenth year for your "big ticket" items. This would include things like a large foundation crack, severe home settling, or a roof truss that was failing.

On top of all that, you still have your manufacturers warranties on items like appliances and HVAC units as well.

Of course, all the warranties in the world will not do a customer any good if there is no one around to take care of the work. This is why Monogram encourages customers to shop around. Ask questions. Compare. Find out not only what kind of warranties the other builders offer, but ask if those builders even live here in town to take care of you after the sale. It may come as a suprise, but there are very few of those "big name" builders that live here in the TriCities, or even in Washington State. Monogram wants a customer to feel completely confident that they will be around long after they turn over the keys. Oh, and where does the owner of Monogram live? Right here in Pasco.